Torico Industries Ltd,

HIGH PLEX 2nd bond keeper

Use as a finishing touch like an after-treatment.


Contains the leader of carboxylic acid (Ca gluconate).It recombines amino acids that could not be protected by the 1st step during treatment.It powerfully protects the hair from damage.

Gives hair a soft texture with Hyalovale and cationized silk PPT.


What is Hyaloveil®?

The hyaluronic acid “moisture veil” envelops the hair and skin, keeping it moisturized even after rinsing.


What is Cationic silk PPT?

Silk PPT is cationized to enhance its adsorptivity to the hair and to give the hair flexibility and silky texture.It gives hair flexibility and a silky texture.



Product Name  High plex 2nd bond keeper
Ingredients Hyalovert, Caotinylated silk PPT, Cationic Keratin, 11 amino acids
content size  500g